Our One-year
Entrepreneurship Curriculum
Provides the Foundation
You Need to
Start or Build a Home Business
Whether You’re 12 or 112!

Have you ever wished you could spend just one year learning everything you need to know about building a home business that would successfully support your family, giving you the time and money to help others and maybe even travel?

Why is there no class on “Entrepreneurship” that we can take in school in case we don’t plan to be an employee?

There isn’t a class in junior high or high school or even college.

All “school” trains students to be employees. Contemporary American education is designed to educate employees. Even doctors are just highly-paid employees, unless they own their own practices.

So what if you feel “unemployable”?

What if you would rather work for yourself?

There’s no approved course of study to accomplish your goal. And if you don’t fit into the regular model of training employees, you find that you’re unjustly labeled a “rebel” or “trouble-maker” and asked to sit in the hall.

I understand your pain. I’ve been there. I have children who have been there.

If You’ve Wondered Where
Leadership Training for the Educational World
Has been Hiding,
Guess What?

You’ve Just Found It!

You won’t learn how to be a business owner in traditional schools. You have to get education outside of what they system offers. That’s why we have created this curriculum to help you think correctly about home business.

  • All you have to know is how to read.

  • The weekly training is all online so you can do it all from your computer or phone.

  • Don’t worry about getting behind; just finish when you’re ready.

Here Are the 10 Aspects of
Our Home Biz Education

The Core of Our Curriculum Is Flashlight Books

Each week, you will read one new book that will challenge your mindset and give you vision.

We have weeded out the bad and set aside the okay to present you with the best that will truly impact your life.

The best reading is the book you take to bed and hide under the covers with. We call those “Flashlight Books” and our program is full of them.

If You’re Curious about
Our Mentors’ Topics,
You’ll Love Chasing
Educational Rabbit Trails!

Many of us ADD entrepreneurs are easily distracted and that’s not always a bad thing. It’s also called “curiosity.”

It’s only natural to become curious so our curriculum not only allows exploration, it encourages it!  Each week, you’ll have opportunities to explore related avenues.

Chasing rabbit trails allows you to tailor this entrepreneurial curriculum to your interests.

Our Weekly Projects Are
The Playground

Learning is so much more fun when you are applying what you learn rather than just reading about it. Therefore, each weekly lesson has related fun, meaningful and even profitable exercises to help make abstract concepts come to life.

Your first project is your own blog. But don’t worry. We’re here to help!

Enter Our
2017 Home Business Contest!

To enter, you must be 18 or partner with someone who is, be a member of EducatingforSuccess.com or our Home Biz Education, and earn at least $1.
First place is $1,000
Second place is $500
Third place is $100

Linda and Joy Hannah Brodsky, 6, of SC won our 2016 Home Business Contest.

Mamas and Classmates
Provide Daily Interaction

Whether you’re an introvert who is drained by being around people or an extrovert who is super-charged by others, you need wise people in your life to give you wise counsel.

Part of your  weekly assignment is to network with others in the program through a closed Facebook Group. You aren’t required to post but it will be fun to know what others are thinking.

Communicate Weekly with
Your Accountability Partner

Having someone to discuss your projects with on a weekly basis is just one more habit successful entrepreneurs employ.

Frequent Evaluation

Checking your work to make sure you understand helps you apply what you learn.

Our Affiliate Program
Can Be Your First Product

Referrals are just one way that people all over the world earn income. Our affiliate program offers students the ability to earn $20/month on everyone who registers with thier link.

Before you even have your first business, here’s a product you believe in to offer.


If You’re Ready to Start Learning
How to Think Like an Entrepreneur,
This is the Curriculum for You!

Check it out here!

Meet Your Mamas and Support Team

Rhea is a true entrepreneur and trained her seven children to be the same through her homeschool journey. She is the owner of Educating for Success.

Jo Dee Soles is Rhea’s assistant. She homeschooled her four children and owns two businesses with her husband. She is great at organizing and figuring out how to use software for business application.

Chris Rizzo and his wife homeschool their children while running a business as a webmaster.

Bill Coons is the guy behind the scenes with all of his technical knowledge. Rhea couldn’t do without him!

Think Outside of the Education Box

Braedon, 12, recently went to China with his dad to meet manufacturers in person that they could create business relationships with.

What he learned from that experience will affect him for the rest of his life. This is just one  experience Braedon has enjoyed since becoming an entrepreneur.

Our One-Year Home Biz Education Is for
Anyone who can Read

You are welcome to begin at any time. Upon enrolling, new students will begin with the first lesson and will not be expected to catch up to others in the class.

  • The battle in the world today is for your mind. The resources you will be studying are the family-friendly tools that will support you in your quest toward economic independence.
  • As you progress through this unique program, you’ll learn to think in a bigger, more optimistic way.
  • You’ll learn how to see crises from a different perspective and you’ll see opportunity where others see tragedy.



To start the journey toward
learning how to think like an entrepreneur,
You’ve got to take
the first step.


I’m ready! Let’s go!


If you can’t afford to take this course,
you can’t afford to miss it.


Here’s Where to Start